Spot The Signs For Child Mental Illness?

Our Managing Director discusses the complexity of mental illness and 5 signs to watch for in your child.

What causes mental illness in children?

Mental illness by its very nature is complex and there is no single cause. 

Often there’s a combination of factors, such as biological and heredity factors, environmental stress or trauma. Adding to this complexity, is trying to work out what’s considered ‘normal behaviour’ for your child’s age and what is considered problematic.

The good news, is that you know your child best. 

You know their little quirks, when they’re having a good day or bad day, or when they are happy or sad.

That said, you are in a great position to watch out for any signs of mental illness in your child.


5 signs to watch for in your child

If you have a worry or concern about your child, chat to your GP, a trusted health professional or call us on 0478 129 135

Get more warning signs and symptoms watch out for in your child or teen.

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