Mental Health Check-ins for Landlords and Tenants

Without a doubt COVID-19 has affected us all in some way. While it’s been tough, it has also been a catalyst for a lot of good and necessary change.  


Today I’d like to share with you an exciting and unique partnership that I think all of you, especially business owners will welcome.   


Judge Realty, a boutique property management company partnered with Melbourne Edge Consultants (The Edge) to explore the possibility of combining mental health and property management.  


I’ve seen many organisations provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) as merely a “tick-box” exercise for mental health. So, to work with a company that proactively sought to consider the mental health needs of its clients and not just employees was a world first and a privilege to be part of the journey. This is where mental health check-ins for tenants and landlords was born.   


Not only was this an industry first, we also got to chat to Richard, CEO of Judge Realty as he participated in his very own mental health check-in (leading by example, as this was what his clients would experience). Richard shared his challenges and expressed feelings of isolation and frustration due to restrictions imposed during COVID in Victoria.  


It's been tough trying to run a business, offer nursery for two toddlers and be isolated from family and friends when there is no end date in sight.

Although your challenges may have be different, I’m sure you can relate to Richard, and that 2020 certainly had some tough points.  

Why mental health check-ins?

Judge Realty’s mission is to build and strengthen community engagement and interactions, so offering mental health check-ins seemed like the natural thing to do during a pandemic. When chatting with Richard, I expressed my concerns about the impact from the pandemic:  

While we know that 1 in 4 Australians will experience mental illness every year, lockdown has created an environment where individuals coping strategies have been pushed to their limits.

In addition, there were new financial pressures experienced by many during the pandemic, which may have stopped people seeking help when needed.   


We agreed there was an opportunity to provide a new service for tenants and landlords which could strengthen community engagement during uncertain times.   

What next?

The response from tenants and landlords was overwhelming, proving mental health check-ins were a huge success which we plan to offer throughout 2021 and beyond.

Richard Judge | CEO Judge Realty

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