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Judge Realty today announced a complimentary mental health check-in for their landlords and tenants, in a major step forward to address increased mental illness in the community as a result of COVID-19.


Judge Realty CEO, Mr Richard Judge said “Judge Realty has always been about supporting the community. So, when it comes to mental health, we wanted to be innovative and proactive in how we can support landlords and tenants”.


“Judge Realty, located in Newport of Melbourne’s Inner West prides itself as a boutique property management company with a focus on the human element and community connection, therefore human connection is increasingly important at this time when social restrictions may have caused a real disconnect’ said Mr Judge.


Judge Realty has partnered with Melbourne Edge Consultants, experts in mental health and wellbeing, to offer a 15-minute mental health check-in call with landlords and tenants.


As part of this offer, Melbourne Edge Consultants has removed two major barriers when seeking support: self-reliance or a belief a problem isn’t big enough to seek help, and self-belief, thoughts of ‘I should be able to fix this’.


The launch of this new service follows concerns regarding the ongoing restrictions Melbourne Metro have endured and the impact this continues to have on the mental health and well-being of not only tenants and landlords, but all Melbournians. We intend to embed check-ins as part of our ongoing support for tenants and landlords.


“By removing the two biggest barriers all individuals face when considering their mental health, this partnership seeks to de-stigmatise mental health and strengthen community connectedness” said Mr Judge.


Judge Realty is a boutique property management company, promoting community connectedness, by supporting local businesses, charities, and schools to create an inclusive, diverse and safer community.



If you have a worry or concern about your child, chat to your GP, a trusted health professional or call us on 0478 129 135


Judge Realty clients can book your check-in here

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