Embedding Wellbeing into Success

Talk. Rejuvenate. Succeed.


SHAPE sessions provide you with a time, space and relationship dedicated to discussing your wellbeing,  enhancing your professional skills and competence; and to reflect on the complexity you face within your startup. 

SHAPE sessions are face-to face with clinicians who work with high performers and understand the stress associated with startups.

SHAPE is based on positive psychology principles and modelled on a common practice among allied health professional known as clinical supervision.

SHAPE Pilot Partners

SHAPE Participants

'What I liked about sessions, was the encouragement to continue moving forward even in stressful times.'
One Cay
'I’ve realised the necessity of my mental health and constant monitoring and checking in for my overall wellbeing and the longevity and success of my startup.'
Gecko Traxx
'It helped having someone there to process my concerns and help me out to act on solving them.'