Challenging Behaviours & Behaviour Myths

Our Clinical Psychologist explains challenging behaviours in children and debunks some myths for parents.

What are challenging behaviours

For most parents challenging behaviour is anytime their child refuses to comply with their wishes. 


Whether this happens at home, in public, or both. Challenging behaviour usually causes a parent to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, angry and even embarrassed. 


Challenging behaviours amongst children and adolescence is not uncommon.


One in four parents will encounter behaviours that cause them to feel stressed and overwhelmed. 


The key for parents is knowing how to handle the behaviour when it arises.


Challenging Behaviours & Behaviour Myths

1. Many parents believe its best to ignore challenging behaviour.  


They hope by not focusing on the unwanted behaviour it will simply go away. This is rarely the case. Allowing unacceptable behaviour to continue sends a sign to the child that the behaviour is tolerated.


2. Telling yourself (or others) ‘it’s just a phase’. 


It can be comforting to try and convince yourself that your child’s behaviour is a symptom of their age or other factors, and that they will grow out of it. This is seldom the case. Left unchecked, behavioural issues in childhood or adolescence can often develop into something more serious.


3. Believing you have no control.


Parents who face ongoing challenging behaviour often surrender control of the situation. Believing there is nothing they can do. Not wanting to resort to outdated physical discipline, many parents are left with a sense of powerlessness over the situation. 


The reality is, regaining a sense of control is definitely possible without the use or threat of violence.

If your child's behaviour has escalated or you're having difficulty managing, you don't have to go it alone. Reach out for some specialised and professional support to get you back on track.

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