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Our story

Sarah and Valerie met in 2000, while studying Social Work at the University of Melbourne and stayed close friends.

Fast forward 20 years, Sarah and Valerie were having dinner, when they started chatting about the barriers for support within mental health. They also chatted about client feedback regarding dissatisfaction about certain aspects of mental health care.

Aligned, they decided to use client feedback provided and their years of experience, to set up a company to remove multiple barriers.

Vision: A world where ‘mental health is simply ‘your health’ and reaching out for support is the new and accepted standard.

Mission: To use a human-centred approach and remove barriers for accessing and receiving mental health support. 


Any Issue. Access Anywhere.

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Our Value to You

Our Values

We practice from a client centred approach and underpinning all our values is a culture of safety, honesty and transparency. 


Take on challenges.

Learn quickly.

Ultimately, never give up.


Respect for everyone. 

Diversity of people.

Diversity of thought.


Set strong foundations.

Connect with values.  



Provide options and choice.

Help to develop and take control.

Enable people to be their best. 

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We’re always on the lookout for like-minded professionals to join the team. If your skills and expertise can complement our team, we’d love to hear from you.