2021: Consistency = Transformation

The new year always brings about resolutionsMany are often doomed from the start when large grandiose plans are made. You know exactly what I mean, we’ve all done iti’m going to lose 10 kilos this year or ‘I’m going to go to the gym everyday’ 

Failure often occurs as there isn’t a set plan to build up to a goal or a consistent approach. 

Let’s set a realistic plan today

Today is the day to start focusing on your health. 

Your health is about consistency. It’s the daily practice of implementing strategies and techniques that matter most, along with healthy eating, exercise and a good sleep routine (which you already know).   

Let’s look at your health. 

I want to ask you 3 questions. 


What stops you focusing on the psychological side of youhealth?  

A short survey by MSWPC (2019) found 2 main reasons for this:

1. self-belief: ‘I should be able to fix this’’, and  

2. self-reliance: belief a problem isn’t big enough to seek help. 


I want you to take a moment to compare your mental health with physical health. Let’s say you have a broken leg. 

Would you look at that broken leg and think ‘i should be able to fix this’? 

OR ‘it’s not bad enough to seek help?’ In short, probably not.  


What little niggle or frustration or challenging situation or worry or past trauma have you been trying to fix or don’t think is big enough to seek help? 

You may not have given much thought to Melbourne Edge’s logo – a blue butterfly. You may have thought it simply looked pretty. Yet it was chosen for its significance and metaphor.  

Butterfly’s represent spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope and life.  

The most exciting stage in a butterfly’s lifecycle is metamorphosis -that’s when it becomes a butterfly  

This is where you seek the help of a mental health professional to obtain a new set of strategies and skills to implement daily and confidently to move forward. 

It’s now time to be part of a neurologically diverse culture. You have tried your best to solve things and now it’s time get some help for your health.  

To help out, our gift to start your year of transformation is 10% discount* when you book 3 appointments in January 2021

We look forward to meeting you. 

From the Sarah, Valerie and the Team at Melbourne Edge, we wish you all a transformational New Year. 

10% Discount*

When booking online enter the code

* 10% discount of $75 is applied on the third session. Sessions cost $250 (gap fee $172.90, Medicare rebate is $77.10). 

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